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Shoppers are paid a flat fee for each successfully completed assignment. Assignments pay varying amounts, dependent on client and assignment requirements.

Payments are made on a fortnightly basis and will be paid by direct deposit into your bank account. Please note we no longer issue payments by cheque. When the pay fortnight is closed off you will receive a Pay Statement in your shopper in-box on our web site. The pay statement will outline the amount of your next payment. Once you receive your pay statement the payments are processed that week, and will show up in your bank account by the end of that week.

If you have any questions about a missing payment, please double check your online profile to ensure we have your correct bank details If you do update your profile with new or changed bank details you must notify us via email at so we can update our accounting software.

Please email your full name, your question and the amount and job in question to We will then investigate the missing payment and endeavour to reply before thenext pay cycle.

Remember we only pay by direct deposit, so if you have not supplied your account details, the payment can not be processed until you do.